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If You Can't Be A Good Example, Then You'll Just Have To Be A Horrible Warning.

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My name is Catherine. I'm from Philadelphia, but I live in London with my husband Julian and our cats, Prince Charming and Pickle. I have a wonderful family and fantastic friends. I blog about anything and everything.

Welcome to the inside of my head. It's a circus in here.

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300 the movie, aa, abortion rights, aimee mann, alcoholics anonymous, aretha franklin, art, bargello, baseball, battlestar galactica, bento boxes, big papi, blues, books, boston red sox, caleb carr, cats, cindy sheehan, clex, coffee, college, connells, craft, crafting, crochet, crocheting, csi, dancing, david sedaris, david starkey, dbt, democracy, democrat, democratic party, ella fitzgerald, elvis costello, embroidery, emma, england, fanfic, fishbone, florence, football, france, franny and zooey, french, funk, gay marriage, gay rights, graduate school, gregory maguire, guns n roses, h/d, harry potter, harry/draco, hayes carll, his dark materials, hotel new hampshire, italian renaissance art, italy, ivy league colleges, jane austen, jason varitek, jay-z, jazz, jd salinger, john irving, jonathan franzen, justin timberlake, knit, knitting, left wing, leonardo da vinci, liberals, life on mars, lily allen, london, margaret atwood, margaret george, marge piercy, marseille, memento, metal, michael pollan, michelangelo, moleskine, motorcycles, movies, music, musicians, naral, neil gaiman, nick/warrick, nine stories, no poo, now, paris, peace, philadelphia, philly, planned parenthood, politics, pop, pride and prejudice, prince, pro-choice, red hot chili peppers, redskins, richard russo, rock n roll, sam/dean, sex and the city, shakespeare, siena italy, sin city, slash, smallville, smokefree, sobriety, soundgarden, steampunk, stephen fry, stevie wonder, straight man, tclotcwatc, television without pity, the corrections, the office, the omnivore's dilemma, the usual suspects, theater, titian, tom waits, transformers the movie, tuscany, twop, uffizi, uk, venice, wall-e, warrick/nick, wawa coffee, women's rights, wool, yarn
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